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home_imageWith a new web site up I want to begin again with the importance of electrical safety.

Dangers of Shock and Electrocution Electricity can kill you.

Most deaths are preventable While electricity is useful, it can also hurt or kill you. Accidents from electricity happen far more often than you would like to think. Electricity has long been recognized as a serious hazard, exposing people to electric shock, electrocution, burns, fires, and explosions.

If a person is killed by getting shocked, then they are considered to have been electrocuted. In the United States, on average 400 die from electrocution and 4,400 are injured each year.
because of electrical hazards. And 30,000 victims each year are lucky enough to only get shocked and not injured.

But a far more alarming statistic is that of fires from faulty electrical wiring. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), there are 28,600 electrical fires per year. These fires cause $1.1 billion in property damage and loss and are responsible for 310 deaths and 1,100 injuries each year.

What makes these statistics more tragic is that most of these fatalities and injuries could have been easily avoided by hiring trained professionals who us safe work practices and follow the industries code.


Be safe!