If you are asked what a floodlight is, you are most likely to think of lighting for outdoor sports or security lights. While outdoor flood lights are bright and powerful, modern floodlights are adjustable and customized to accommodate different interests and uses. 

When it comes to picking the right commercial floodlights, there are plenty of options to choose from. From tree floodlights, small floodlights, landscape floodlights, and others, you can find plenty of options that offer the style you want, along with the output you are looking for. 

They have multiple distinguishing factors that you need to consider. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best floodlights for your commercial space. 

Let’s get started.

What are Flood Lights?

commercial flood lighting

Flood Lights are lighting fixtures that emit a broad beam of light. They are used for flooding space with light. Floodlights are usually the best way to provide a large amount of non-natural light in an area. 

They are highly efficient and have a larger lumen per watt output than other lighting systems. They are highly durable and can withstand all weather conditions such as rain, hot temperatures, and snow. 

Floodlights are highly flexible and can be used for multiple commercial lighting applications. Some of the most common uses of floodlights are parking lots, exterior building security, outdoor sports fields, and more. 

Difference Between Residential and Commercial Flood Lights

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Residential floodlights help to illuminate a small area. They are mostly used for security or decorative purposes. Using a floodlight that is too bright can cause disturbance to your neighbors.

Residential flood lights range between 400lm to 3,000lm. On the other hand, commercial floodlights need more powerful floodlights to illuminate much larger spaces. These lights range anywhere from 4,000lm and 24,000lm. The goal is to provide reliable security and ensure employees work stress-free at night. 

What to Look for When Buying Commercial Flood Lights 

No matter the application for buying the floodlights, you need to ensure you pick the best. Since there are a variety of floodlights, it may appear overwhelming to make a selection. 

Here are some steps to help make it easier for you to choose the perfect one –

Consider the Location

Before you even start looking for a floodlight, determine the locations for the fixtures. In addition, specify the area that the lighting has to cover. The height and the angle to set up the light can make a huge difference in how well the space is selected.

Once you have picked the ideal spot, select the floodlight that best fits the space. It will be of no use if you purchase a high-powered floodlight only to find they do not cover the selected position.

Pick the Finishes

You have a number of options to factor in when picking commercial floodlights based on their finishes. Some of the top ones are steel, copper, and colored lacquer on aluminum. 

Pick a style that best matches your business enterprise. While the primary purpose of floodlights is to illuminate your commercial space, it does not mean you shouldn’t get one that is attractive.

Choose the Brightness

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Floodlights come in an assortment of brightness outputs. You can choose anywhere from 4,000lm to 24,000lm, depending on your needs. 

The one you pick will depend on how broad a distance is you wish to illuminate. But as mentioned above, the position and the angle will make a big difference in how effectively they lit the spot. 

Upgrade to LED Flood Lights

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If you have been using old floodlights, it’s time to upgrade to LED floodlights. The main advantage of LED floodlights is their exceptional lifespan. 

Compared to a halogen bulb that can last for about 2,000 hours, LED floodlights can last about 30,000 hours or even longer. Apart from having a long lifespan, they are also cost-saving as you do not have to replace your floodlights frequently.

Additional Features

Motion sensor floodlights are more popular because of their user-friendliness and affordable prices. They have a range of motion and can pick up people and objects located at a distance. 

Depending on the sensor, they can remain active for minutes and offer security to prevent trespassing or vandalism on your commercial property. 

Be Aware of the Environment

Ensure that the floodlights you are installing do not cause any nuisance to the ambiance. Most often, if the floodlights are not installed at the right place, they can shine and cause disturbance or accidents. 

Additional Factors to Keep in Mind

Finally, it will certainly pay to consider additional points when buying commercial floodlights –

  • Floodlighting considerations can go a long way. Whether you own a business, ensure that the floodlight is optimum for your business area. However, ensure that the floodlights do not shine into neighboring buildings and businesses. 
  • Some associations have specific rules when it comes to floodlights. Since they are the brighter options, double-check that you are within the regulations.
  • If you need a floodlight for temporary use or a short period of time, consider buying a portable floodlight.

Today’s floodlights are more specialized and sophisticated than ever before. They have multiple applications, making them prevalent in the commercial space. 

Since they are such an investment, it is essential to check the different options available in the market before you make a buying decision. Also, make sure you hire an experienced electrician to install them. A professional will ensure they not only look great but function perfectly as well.