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8 Indoor Lighting Ideas To Try This Christmas

Christmas lights add a touch of sparkle to the festive season. While you may have a great lighting plan for the outside, you also need to bring the festive lights inside your home.

From teardrop bulbs for your doors to twinkling LED lights for your mantle, proper indoor lighting can play an integral role in spreading some Christmas cheer.

If you are looking for creative ways to decorate your indoors with lights, we have simple ideas to help you light up your home. Look at each of them carefully and add a creative touch to your Christmas light decorations.

What Colors are Best for Christmas Indoor Lighting?

There are so many colors for you to choose from when it comes to Christmas Lights – from cool to warm. You need to consider your decorating scheme to pick the best light color.

The first thing you need to determine is whether you want to create a cozy and inviting look? Or do you want something more monochrome or modern?

For a warm and inviting atmosphere, use warm white lights or cozy yellow lights to bring a welcoming feel to your home. Colored lights are your best bet when you want to add a jollier atmosphere.

If you have used colorful jewels or baubles decoration around the room, stringing multicolor lights will add striking contrast.

While pro warm bulbs are the top Christmas trends, cool lights play an essential role in Christmas décor.

They offer a more modern scheme of décor and are perfect for adding a little dose of festive magic. They add a sparkling and icy feel, which is great for embracing the magical white Christmas.

What are the Most Energy Efficient Christmas Lights?

LEDs are the most energy-efficient lights for Christmas. They are not only cheaper and cost-effective but also safer than other lights. They help you save a lot of money on energy bills during the holiday season.

The best part is that you will not have to replace them every year as they are highly durable. Use an extension cable with multiple outlets to keep different lighting strands organized. You can opt for connectable lights that are easy to connect with each other.

They are a great safety solution, allowing you to keep trailing wires to a bare minimum. If you are unsure, hire a trained electrician to help you layer multiple lights into a scheme.

Indoor Lighting Ideas And Arrangements for Christmas

With so many different lighting ideas for you to choose from, consider how you want to use lighting to enhance your home during the festive period. Here are some inspiring Christmas lighting ideas to brighten up your home –

Brighten Up Your Hallways for a Warm Welcome

Light up your dark hallway with a simple string of LED fairy lights draped around the coat rack in the hallway. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful fairy lights look, making the place inviting with its warm glow.

Use a white or clear string to ensure the lights blend in with the surroundings. Standout dark-colored wires can ruin the entire look. To add to the stylish look, you can intertwine the fairy lights with ivy strings.

Hang a Glowing Wreath

Wreaths are a standard decoration during Christmas. They add holiday cheers to your home décor. But there is no need for you to stick to mini ornaments and berries to decorate a wreath.

One of the simplistic lighting ideas for Christmas is to wrap the wreath with matching fiery lights. Make a statement with a glowing wreath placed right above your mantle, above the drinks trolley, or on your windows.

Coordinate Your Tree with the Fireplace

Use your Christmas tree to create symmetry for your lighting. Match the color and the tone of the lights throughout your living room to get a cohesive feel.

If you have a real fire, use amber or warm white lights instead of cold white lights for a soft glow. It’s a simple trick, but it helps you set the perfect setting for Christmas.

Enhance Your Windows

Dressed-up windows are a treat for those inside and those who walk by your house. Besides traditional red ribbons and festive ornaments, hang holiday-themed LED illuminated shapes such as presents, stars, or snowflakes. These offer more than enough warm ambient light for optimal coziness.

Set Your Table with Lights

Add strings of fairy lights as part of your Christmas dining decor to create a magical table centerpiece. When styled together with candles and chapel, they’ll add extra sparkle to your dinner arrangement. Ensure that the decoration does not look overcrowded and there is enough space for dishes and glassware.

Accessorize Stairs with Twinkling Lights

Give your staircase some holiday treatment, just like the rest of the house. Make your staircase pop and look festive with string lights, marquee lights, or a mix of both.

Achieve the minimalistic look by wrapping around the railings or hanging them from the banister. For a more elaborate décor, you can match them with garlands and beautiful ornaments.

Light Up the Walls

Get creative with a display of lights on your bare walls. Pick lights with a thin wire, as they are weightless and easy to stick to the walls.

Choose festive patterns such as a DIY tree, which is the easiest to recreate. Use white tacks to stick them to the walls to ensure it does not ruin your walls.

Hang Decorative Arrangements Over Table

A popular trend for holiday dinner is to hang a decorative arrangement over the table. Suspend LED lights at staggering heights along the length of the table. Ensure it is securely in place to avoid gatecrashing on top of the table when serving.

Try these indoor lighting ideas to take the holiday décor to the next level. Most of these are quick, easy and cost-effective, yet enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Play around with many lighting options to create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your home.

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