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Whole Home Surge Protectors Near You

Whole home surge protectors are devices that are installed directly into your home’s electrical panel to protect against power surges that can damage electronic devices and appliances. These surges can occur from lightning strikes, utility company fluctuations, or even everyday events such as turning on a large appliance.

By installing a whole home surge protector, you can ensure that all of your electronics are shielded from potentially harmful power surges, saving you money in the long run by preventing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

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Providing Necessary Protection
Providing Necessary Protection

Invest in whole-house surge protection to defend against inevitable surge events and increase the life expectancy of your electronics. Contact us today to book your service.

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Thinking Big-Picture

Whole Home Surge Protection in
Panama City Beach, FL

When it comes to installing a whole home surge protector, it is crucial to seek the expertise of professional electrical services. At Way’s Electric, our professionals have the knowledge and experience to properly assess your home’s electrical system.

Total Accuracy

The Way’s Electric team will help you determine the best placement for the surge protector within your electrical panel. We’ll ensure that the installation is performed safely and in compliance with all building codes and regulations.

Peace of Mind

By entrusting the installation of a whole home surge protector to our trained electrical professionals, you can rest assured that your home and electronic devices are adequately protected from power surges.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our professionals can perform the appropriate checks and assessments to make sure that the surge protector is in optimal condition. If there are any issues, we can make any necessary repairs or adjustments as needed.

Full-Spectrum Defense

What is a Surge Protector?

Not only do whole home surge protectors protect your electronic devices, but they also provide assurance that your home and its contents are safe from the unpredictable nature of power surges. These devices work by diverting excess voltage away from your electronics, safely grounding it and preventing any damage from occurring.

Whole home surge protection devices are a more convenient option than individual surge protectors as they provide comprehensive protection for all of your electrical devices without the need for multiple outlets and power strips. Overall, investing in a whole home surge protector is a wise decision to safeguard your home from frequent power surges and ensure the longevity of your valuable devices and systems.

Your Home Surge Protection FAQs

No! You should avoid plugging multiple power strips or surge protectors into one another. Single-outlet surge protectors are designed with specific wattages in mind and plugging them into each other can overload the wattage capacity of the protector. Overloading a surge protector can render it ineffective in protecting against power surges, potentially resulting in damage to electronics or fires.
No, you should only connect surge protectors directly to wall outlets. “Daisy chaining,” or plugging single-outlet surge protectors into extension cords or other surge protectors, can overload the devices and cause hazardous conditions, including electrocution. Additionally, this can void the NRTL listing and manufacturer’s warranty.

If you need more outlets or want to install a whole-home surge protector, reach out to Way’s Electric to arrange your service appointment.

The installation process is as follows:

  1. Turn off the power
  2. Prepare the breaker panel or install a separate sub-panel
  3. Mount the surge protection device
  4. Connect the wires, properly grounding and securing them
  5. Reassemble the electrical panel
  6. Test for functionality and safety

Hiring a professional electrician to do this work is always safer and smarter than learning how to install a whole home surge protector yourself. The Way’s Electric team is trained to prevent and circumnavigate any issues for better end results. Contact us today to get started.

Reach Out to Our Experienced Electricians

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By partnering with Way’s Electric for your whole home surge protector needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical system is in good hands and that your home is safeguarded against potential power surge damage.

Whether your home is old or new, it can unexpectedly be subject to the risk of power surges, and being prepared is always better than having to clean up the aftermath. Contact Way’s Electric today for upgraded power outlets, improved circuit breaker functionality, and enhanced power capacity.

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