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Safety & Practicality
Electrical Switches & Outlets

Electrical switch and outlet services are essential for maintaining the functionality and safety of a property’s electrical system. When switches or outlets become faulty or malfunction, it is important to quickly seek professional electrical services for repairs or replacements. Faulty switches or outlets can pose serious safety risks, such as electrical shocks, short circuits, or fires.

At Way’s, our electricians have the expertise to diagnose issues with switches and outlets, identify the root cause of the problem, and provide effective solutions. Whether it is a loose connection, damaged wiring, or a defective switch, electricians can quickly and efficiently repair or replace switches and outlets to restore proper functionality and safety to a property’s electrical system.

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Our team of experienced electricians has the expertise to handle all types of outlet-related projects, from repairing faulty outlets to installing USB outlets for modern convenience.

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Prevent Hazards

Installing Outlets and Electrical Switches in Panama City Beach, FL

Regular maintenance and servicing of switches and outlets can help to prevent potential electrical hazards. Take precautions to ensure your property’s electrical system operates smoothly and efficiently. Our electricians provide a range of services related to switches and outlets, including installation, repair, replacement, and upgrades.

Identify Problems

As it ages, your electrical system can naturally start to malfunction. Our electricians address issues such as flickering lights, worn-out switches, loose wall plates, and more.

Check Currents

Proper installation of switches and outlets is crucial to ensure that power is distributed safely and efficiently throughout a building.

Improve Safety

Electricians must adhere to wiring codes and regulations to ensure that switches and outlets are connected properly and grounded to prevent electrical hazards.

Maintenance, Upgrades, and More

Outlet and Light Switch Repair and Replacement

Way’s Electric works with property owners to create safer environments for living and working, and an important part of that includes light switch and outlet services. Our team of experienced electricians has the expertise to handle all types of switch-related projects, from replacing damaged switches to installing smart switches for advanced control and energy savings.

Many clients find that adding, repairing, or upgrading these electrical features adds greater functionality and convenience to a space. Additionally, our electricians may recommend upgrading outdated switches and outlets to improve energy efficiency, accommodate higher electrical loads, or enhance the aesthetics of a room. Contact Way’s Electric today to discuss your project and request your service appointment.

Your Electrical Switch and Outlet FAQs

Having two light switches for one light source can be extremely convenient for hallways, staircases, kitchens, large areas of your house, and rooms with multiple entrances. If you’re interested in adding this feature to any part of your home, then you’ll want to know how to wire a 3-way electrical switch.

The steps for installing a 3-way switch include:

  1. Turning off the breaker
  2. Pulling the cable to the boxes and light
  3. Prepping the wires
  4. Splicing the bare grounds and neutrals
  5. Securing the travel wires
  6. Connecting the light to the ground
  7. Splicing the wires to the light fixture
  8. Checking the safety of your newly installed switches

To complete this job, you’ll need tools and materials such as a 14-2 or 12-3 NM-B cable, a 40-in-1 screwdriver, and a non-contact voltage tester. If this sounds complicated, that’s because it is. Luckily, Way’s Electric is here to make this process simple and safe. Contact us to request your service appointment and enjoy the convenience of a 3-way switch.

The steps of installing a light switch include:

  1. Turning off the breaker
  2. Checking the voltage tester
  3. Removing the outlet cover and switch
  4. Changing the wires one at a time (even for a single pole switch, for safety)
  5. Securing the new wiring for a strong connection
  6. Gathering the wires to push them back into the electrical box
  7. Replacing the electrical box and switch plate
  8. Restoring power and safely testing

But just because you’ve learned the steps of how to wire an electrical switch doesn’t mean that making it a DIY project is smart or safe. Contact Way’s Electric today for electrical wiring and outlet services provided by a trained electrician.

There are three levels of outlets available in the market. The first is homeowner grade, which is the most budget-friendly option and is commonly found in builder-grade homes. However, these outlets are typically less durable and tend to wear out within 5-10 years.

When installing or replacing electrical outlets, it is recommended to opt for commercial-grade outlets instead. While these may cost about 50% more than homeowner-grade outlets, the long-term durability makes the price difference insignificant. Commercial-grade outlets are designed to last up to 100 years under typical home use conditions.

The third type of outlet is hospital-grade outlets, which are considerably more expensive and specifically engineered for fail-safe use in medical facilities, such as for powering life-support equipment like breathing machines.

Enjoy Improved Daily Functionality

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Don’t limit yourself to your building’s existing electrical framework. Way’s Electric makes it simple to improve your daily activities and the comfort of your spaces with outlets, switches, and other electrical modifications.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your switches for improved convenience or simply need repairs for existing outlets, you can count on Way’s Electric to keep your electrical system running smoothly. Our professional and reliable services are designed to work with a variety of budgets. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment.

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