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Tips for Building The Perfect Home Movie Room

Installing a home theater system is exciting! There are so many details to sort out it can be a bit overwhelming. From the design of the room to the type of audio/visual system you want to install, no aspect should be overlooked. Here are some great tips for making the home theater of your dreams!


  • One of the first decisions you need to make when you’ve decided to install a home movie room is to consider where in your home the movie room should be located.
  • It’s important to think through the logistics of where the room is located, how large it is, and is it possible to install the proper electrical changes that will need to take place. Here are some questions to ask yourself about the room you are planning to make into your movie room.
  • How much renovation will the room require?
  • Is the room structurally adequate for a home movie room? Are there studs to safely hang a TV or projector?
  • Is the ceiling high enough for a projector?
  • Will you need to open the walls to ad wiring?
  • Is the room located in a good area of the house where the sound of movies won’t be disturbing?
  • What rooms share a wall with the movie room? Will you need sound-proofing?


Another aspect to keep in mind when building your home movie room is the size of the room. Some areas of your home may be more suitable for a home movie room than others and it’s important that you are happy with the aspects of the room that can’t be changed like the size of the room. Here are some questions to ask yourself about the room.

  • How many people do you want to be able to accommodate? Is your room large enough?
  • Is your room too big? Will you be able to adequately see and hear the movie?
  • Does the size of the room lend itself to aetstic you’re hoping to achieve? If you’re going for cozy and intimate, you don’t want a room that’s too large. If you want to install stadium seating, you want to make sure the room is large enough to accommodate the tiers.

Sound and Visual Systems

Once you’ve decided on what room in your home you want to install your home movie room, the next most important decision to make is what kind of system you want to use to watch movies. Would you like a traditional television mounted on the wall? Or do you want a screen and projector? Different types of visual systems will need different writing and installation needs. Here are some tips for choosing what system might be best for you.

  • Larger rooms can accommodate a projector and screen easier than a smaller room
  • Projectors and screens will need extra wiring
  • Flat screen TVs need stud support in the walls to be safely hung
  • Smart TVs allow you to watch movies online seamlessly but must have wifi access.
  • Projectors and projector screens require additional maintenance like bulb replacement and cleaning.
  • Will you need to cut into the walls for recessed speakers?
  • Do you want surround sound?

electrical wiring


While some might be up to installing a home theater themselves, when it comes to the wiring it may be a good idea to hire an electrician. Improperly installed electrical wiring can lead to dangerous electrical fires. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to the wiring aspect of installing a home theater, all of which an electrician can help with.

  • Will you need to re-wire or replace the lighting in the room?
  • Projectors, screens, lighting, and sound systems may need additional wattage. Make sure your room is properly supported by the right number of outlets so nothing overloads your electrical system.
  • Will you need to run wiring in the walls in order to hook up multiple systems?

Need A Professional? We can help!

Overwhelmed with all the electrical work that goes into installing a safe and effective home theater? It might be time to hire a professional. That’s where we come in. When you hire an electrician from us you can be sure that all the wiring in your new home theater is properly and safely installed.

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