Ceiling Fan Installation Loganville

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When you are ready to add a ceiling fan or replace the light fixture with a fan/light combination. Call Way’s Electric – your ceiling fan installation experts in Loganville GA!

We offer safe, honest and reliable ceiling fan service and installation. Each ceiling fan we install will add esthetic value and quality of life characteristics to your interior. Apart from the visually appealing aspects of adding a ceiling fan, they are a are practical appliance. A summer and winter switch located at the base of the ceiling fan housing. The summer setting draws cooler air in the room up to provide you the benefit of lowering room temperatures by re-circulating the cooler air that settles near the floor. The winter setting forces the higher temperature air that rises to the ceiling down into the lower portions of the room. This facilitates maximum use and economy of your heating system.

Way’s Electric ceiling fan installations typically include:

  • Verifying the installation location and special considerations (switches/dimmers, etc) with you.
  • Preparing the work area to protect your property and its contents from damage.
  • Validate the circuit breaker and ceiling mount is the correct type and size of the ceiling fan unit installation.
  • Remove any existing fan or light fixture
  • Check the electrical mounting box/wiring to verify compliance with National Electrical Code.
  • Assemble and install the new ceiling fan.
  • Ensure the power to the circuit is back on.
  • Test the fan switches, remote control unit (when needed) and balance the fan blades (when needed).
  • Depart the work area and your property leaving it just as clean or cleaner than when we arrived.

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