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Congratulations! You have your new hot tub! Now it requires to be wired to your home’s electrical system. This is where your “Electrical Service Experts” – Way’s Electric can help make the installation of your hot tub run smooth.

You will benefit from our years of installation expertise, outstanding customer service, and award-winning electrical construction talent!

Your hot tub installation is carefully handled by our skilled service technician who is a licensed electrician, safety certified professional that will respect your home and property.

Your Hot Tub Installation Includes:

  • Confirmation that your current electrical service can safely supply the necessary power to your hot tub
  • An assessment of the manufacturer and type of hot tub to determine electrical materials and tools
  • Your verification of placement and positioning of the hot tub
  • Install and configure all wire, conduit and hardware needed to make the electrical connection
  • Install appropriately sized breaker (typically 50 Amperes, 240 Volts) installed in main electrical panel
  • Install correctly sized disconnect (GFCI protected) within sight of hot tub
  • All necessary wiring, conduit and hardware from GFCI disconnect to the hot tub
  • Connection of wiring to the hot tub
  • Verify and check all connections to ensure your hot tub is safely grounded
  • Restoration of power to all circuits that may have been shut off during the electrical installation
  • Your complete satisfaction